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Destination Learning Teams Up Wiith Liverpool John Moores University's Summer Semester Programme

Eight hunderd students from TAR College in Malaysia spent thier summer in Liverpool completing thier degrees. Destination Learning teamed up with the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality programme which attracted sixty students to Liverpool this summer - an increase of over four hundred percent on the numbers last year - signalling how attractive Liverpool is for international students studying in this field.

Destination Learning supervised  twenty students individual research projects with subjects ranging from Liverpool's World Heritage Site's Management plan to Medical Tourism in Malaysia.

Destination Learning also helped to advise students about what else there was to see in the region in their spare time and organised education trips that helped to enhance the programme taught back on campus. All the students attended an educationally focused day trip to Portmeirion in North Wales organised by Destination Learning.

Martin Selby, Programme Leader for the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality programme, said, " It has been great to have a company with the expertise and flexibilty of Destination Learning on board. Our numbers have signifcantly increased this year and we were looking for extra qualified resource to bring in to help deliver the programme. Destination Learning fitted the bill perfectly".

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